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How many years experience do you have?
Burke Built Construction, Inc. has been building and remodeling homes since 1989. Jim Burke, president and owner of Burke Built has over 32 years experience in the building and remodeling industry.


Is Burke Built Construction, Inc. licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed in the state of New Jersey for both New Home Building and Remodeling. We are fully insured.


Do you have a skilled crew working for you?
Our team is made of all skilled workers in specified areas such as carpentry, siding, roofing, tile, marble and fine woodworking, just to name a few. Our General Contractor oversees every aspect and quality of workmanship for your project.


Do you use Sub-contractors?
We use licensed sub-contractors for specialized work such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC, excavators and stone masons.


How often is the General Contractor on the jobsite?
The General Contractor is at the jobsite at each stage of the project and is in constant communication with the customer, foreman, sub-contractors and crew. He is always reachable and available to discuss changes and progress throughout the entire project.


Have you completed any projects similar to the one I want?
Chances are very good we have. Call or email us with a description of your project and we will be glad to give you references from homeowners that we have done similar projects for.


How many jobs do you have going at one time?
We have the resources to maintain several jobs. We will coordinate jobs so that all our resources are available when needed for project. For example one project can be in the planning stage and one in the finishing stage. Situations such as weather, variances, unforeseen ordinances in soil and custom material delivery delay could delay your project. However we will schedule around these situations to keep your project moving.


What questions should I ask your references?
Asking the right questions is a very important part of determining the right contractor for you project. We listed some questions that will help you get started.

  1. Did they communicate well with the contractor?

  2. Was the contractor easily reachable throughout the project?

  3. Did the crew show up on time?

  4. Were they satisfied with the quality of work that was preformed?

  5. Would you use Burke Built Construction, Inc. again or recommend them to others?


Will Burke Built Construction, Inc. work with us if we have our own architect?
Yes. But if you don't, we will glad to recommend one to you.


Will Burke Built Construction, Inc. help me in choosing the right materials for my project?
Yes. Some of our customers deal with interior designers; however, we can guide you through the process by providing you with a list of quality suppliers and materials that best fits your budget and needs.


How long will my project take to complete?
The completion time of each remodeling job will vary according to the size and detail of the project. Each project is efficiently managed and coordinated with all the necessary sub contractors, material suppliers and inspections. Upon reviewing your building plans we will be able to give you a more accurate completion time.


Will we still be able to live in our house during construction?
Depending on the type of project you might be more comfortable to relocate to a nearby area while construction is being completed.


How do you handle changes to the project?
Any structural changes should be revised with your architect prior to construction. If you have changes during the construction period, discuss them with the General Contractor. A written addendum to the original contract will be issued and signed by the customer. If necessary, you will be billed separately for any extra costs relating to agreed upon changes.


Do you provide a guarantee for your work?
Yes, all of our workmanship is guaranteed for two years.

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